ALFA DIAG is a life science company, focused on In-licensing and commercializing high-quality standard products. Our products comply with the guidelines of reference regulatory bodies such as US-FDA, EMA, MHLW, ANPP, SFDA, and others.

We aim to be a key provider of innovative and high-quality products in the segment of In-Vitro Diagnostics and Medical Devices as well as other Pharmaceutical sectors.

ALFA DIAG operates in Middle East, Africa, Turkey, CIS and other geographical regions.

Our Philosophy

Alfa Diag Philosophy is based on the belief of its founders, that is People must have equal rights for access to healthcare”. From day one of our creation, this philosophy has been the main driver of the company’s day-to-day decisions and actions. We must show no fear of the change and innovation, but we also must be in the frontline, to respond to the diverse and increasing needs of patients and healthcare professionals. We are committed to remain devoted to our philosophy; thus, we will keep changing ourselves to foster innovation while maintaining a steady core belief.

Alfa Diag will continuously strive to bring smart healthcare solutions and innovation to all patients regardless of their age, gender, race/ethnicity, or social-economic status so that everyone benefits from innovation and live the healthy life they deserve.

At Alfa Diag, we aspire to create value for patients and contribute to human well-being.

To make our ambitions come true, we will always challenge ourselves to improve and strive with determination to achieve every single goal we set.


To be a leading company in bringing affordable smart care solutions to every patient everywhere.


Serving patients by providing best healthcare solutions in full compliance with high-quality standards.

We are built around five equally strong commitments

We care about the well-being and success of every team member


Treating others as we wish to be treated


We comply with the rules and we will always do the right thing


We promote and foster diversity and an environment of inclusion


We build trust through transparency


Our commitment to transparency and integrity is part of our philosophy; it is the foundations for our business success and continuity.

We do not compromise on ethics and we insist that our employees conduct business in the right way and in full compliance with all applicable laws.

We are committed to do business with integrity, honesty, transparency and in a fair manner to Business Partners, Customers, and Competitors.

In ALFA DIAG, we comply with our standards of conduct and procedures.


If you have questions or comments, please do not hesitate to let us know.